Outdoor Painting In The Lake District

Where do we paint – Outside!

En Plein Air is translated precisely as ‘in the open air’ and therefore mature and budding artists alike will be amongst the elements in the most suitable of lighting that nature can provide. The outdoors supply a richness and vigor that the studio often fails to inspire.

Using the emotion that the scenery generates under the direction of our tutors, will help you to learn and push forward your artistic potential.

Lake District

Recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the area is certainly a phenomenal place to visit for both UK and international tourists. Every season has so much to offer with vast regions to explore, mountains to climb and of course the great lakes that adorn many of the vistas. It is easy to determine the allure and inspiration that this location can cultivate amongst artists and visitors alike.

Without a doubt all who visit this region are captivated by its beauty and mystery; the variety of flora and fauna is extensive, even featuring a formidable population of the declining red squirrel.