About Us

Art Painting Holidays


We are a team of knowledgeable guides, artists and hosts harbouring a long-standing interest in the Lake District. The North Lakes region, with its timeless beauty and picturesque landscape, captures visitors’ hearts and entices them to return year on year. With its abundance of magical locations to explore and experience, we invite you to join us to create unique art and fond memories.

What can you expect?

 Painting from stunning spaces and places which only a local like Colin know

 Lovely, comfortable accommodation in the heart of Keswick

Lunch and dinner

Enjoyable evenings socialising in central Keswick, or relaxing over a glass of wine in front of the fire at our homely accommodation

The intention is to aid you in producing two paintings each day. The particular type of painting Colin teaches encourages one to be in the moment and grasp the landscape as it is.

What will happen to my partners/friends?

If you want to bring partners or friends on the programme, please feel free, daily walks around Borrowdale will be offered by our knowledgable guides to people who want to explore the area.

Take a good look at the pictures of Borrowdale and the surrounding area, it has been recognised and names a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What would I need to bring?

We will send you a full list of materials needed, some equipment will be provided by us and for an extra charge we can supply paint and canvases.

What will happen on the course?

After initial introductions, we will head out to one of the chosen scenic locations where Colin will give and demonstration

 During the demonstration, Colin will complete a small canvas in about 30 minutes. He will then aid you in setting up and be on hand throughout to guide and assist whilst you try your hand at painting

 Colin will give you top tips regarding your set up and technique which he has learnt throughout his many years of practice

 Whilst Colin has honed his skills over many years, he firmly believes that you will walk away with pride in the paintings you produce

What media will we paint in?

Whilst Colin will be using oils and he would to encourage you all to do the same, we do offer the choice for producing pieces with acrylics and mixed media; naturally Colin will be ready to demonstrate that for you

The approach to acrylic and mixed media is recognisably different to that of oil, that being said you could even do a bit of both, one day oils the next acrylic and mixed media; it is good to find our what works best for you.

What happens when the day is over?

At the end of each day we will head back to the studio and have a short group critique session.

 Following this a clean up followed by dinner and drinks.

During dinner, there will be opportunities for both in-depth and fun discussions.

What will happen at the end of the course?

At the end of your course be it one day, two or the full five-day programme, Colin will give each of you an individual one to one critique session.

Colin will endeavour to galvanise what is positive and bring to mind an effective way forward.

What does our team hope to achieve?

We want this to be a truly outstanding learning and growing experience that will give you both the confidence and desire to invest more time and appreciation for your skills and perhaps to come back and paint another season with us.